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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 reviews thread!

Originally Posted by Bman212121 View Post
I would agree completely. I'm not really sure what is going on in Crysis but it could be a bug that needs to be addressed.

I think part of the problem is everyone can't get passed this game as their primary comparision because it is the "system killer". However, one game cannot paint a picture for every other game on the market. It gives you a general idea (much like 3dmark) but as we've seen with 3dmark it can vary significantly.
Very well said and Crysis IMO is a complete failure. I would not be surprised if that game doesnt ever perform the way that it should, EA is not even gonna bother with anymore patches because they know its a waste of time even though they will never admit to it.
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