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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 reviews thread!

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
Very well said and Crysis IMO is a complete failure. I would not be surprised if that game doesnt ever perform the way that it should, EA is not even gonna bother with anymore patches because they know its a waste of time even though they will never admit to it.
I wouldn't say that Crysis is a complete failure at all. It is by far one of the best looking games on the market right now. When they designed the game they were likely able to exploit a few features on the 8 series cards that allowed them to get some extra performance. A new card came out and maybe some of those tweaks no longer work due to changes, so someone needs to figure out what is holding the card back and get it fully optimized.

The biggest hump that this game had is it doesn't run well on most hardware that was available on launch. To me it is a double edged sword. They are touting the best graphics but in order to run the game smoothly you can't turn them up which kind of defeated the purpose. This card gets its performance much closer but it wouldn't make much sense for Nvidia to design a card around 1 game.
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