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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

look online for info on dual boot. i put the install on a separate hard drive. if you put it on your windows disk, it WILL overwrite the boot table and you will have problems lol (unless you add a boot manager or disable the overwrite somehow), or just fix your windows boot table heh.

plenty of tutorials online

also, the disc should be bootable. use the disk utility in the OSX install app, format your partition with the mac FS, and install it. before you install, make sure you customize your installation and select the video driver to use. for nvidia cards, it's just the nvinject_XXX driver, where XXX denotes the amount of memory your card has.

fwiw, it may be difficult with an AMD chip, and the easiest installs seem to be done with intel chipsets (naturally), especially the P35 chipset. also, you will need to add the drivers for your nvidia chipset (ie the network/sound/chipset drivers for nvidia boards).
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