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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

@six_storm, depending on the kernal version you're using there can be problems with sleep, shutdown and restart such that the computer hangs when shutting down or doesn't go into or come out of sleep. You can fix it by using a different kernal and if you just search around insanelymac I'm sure you'll find links to different kernals you can try. I'm using the vanilla kernal and restart and shutdown work fine most of the time. I turned sleep off and I just don't even bother with it.

@breathmetal, yes, you just install it like you would windows. There's a gui install and it's easy to follow. If you're using the same drive with multiple partitions, for example one for windows and one for OSX, then when you install OSX with windows pre-installed it will probabaly overwrite your MBR. You'll be able to boot into OSX but not into windows. If you want a proper dual boot using the same drive you're going to have to get easyBCD and edit the boot strings or use GRUB. I don't use either since I have 2 seperate drives and just use F12 at boot to switch which one is the bootable one.

There's not need to panic if OSX overwrites your MBR and you can't boot into windows. All you need to do is boot your windows CD (XP or Vista depending on your OS) and then repair your MBR. I've never tried booting from a different partition on the same drive and therefore I've never bothered with easyBCD or GRUB so you'll have to check the guides on the osx86 wiki or follow the installtion threads on dual booting at insanelymac. It sounds easy enough even though I think the most painless method is just F12 on a seperate drive.

Also, there's an entire thread devoted to nforce installation at insanelymac. As Vin said, the easiest installations are by far using intel motherboards with intel CPUs. I just popped the disc in, installed OSX, booted it up and then installed the latest NV and sound drivers. 30min and my system was fully functional. I don't know how far AMD/nforce development has come but when I tried it almost 2 years ago it was kindof a hassle. I'm sure there's been some pretty big improvements, but I'd say if you want to use OSX on non-apple hardware you really need to stick close to the official Mac specs meaning Intel/Intel.

As soon as I get home from school today I'm going to work on updating to 10.5.3 and then I'll do some benching with geekbench. Xbench is also good but the hard drives I'm using are kindof older-ish and they drag my xbench score waaaaaay down. I'll post xbench scores without the harddrive tests being run.

One more thing, In case you haven't heard. The next major OSX release (Snow Leopard) 10.5.6 will focus on performance and it's rumored that it will have GPU acceleration build right into the OS. MS may want to pay attention to that because if that's the case OSX is going to wipe the floor with Vista/Windows 7 in everything but games. What's more, if Intel really pulls off raytracing with it's Larabee card we may begin to see the end of Windows as the dominant PC gaming OS since raytracing is pretty much platform independent (i.e. you don't need DX to do it). Just food for thought.
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