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Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
Guys like this have enough money to spend any pc part they choose. He lives in California, Chino, and those people are like well off, Gas prices and cost of living doesn't bother them.

These cards are what 650 bucks each? 3 of them just over 2 grand. nothing just pocket change to some people here.

I just finished my rig with 2 9800GTX's and it runs very well, but i spent my wad already and i have to waite til next year to upgrade agin.

Nice rig as usual Jakup, you never mention how much you really pay for those cards.

I know The Big One a member here who i know will have them too cuz he is rich too.
LOL - Maybe your thinking Chino HILLS? Chino is an average small city mainly with people who make poor to moderate income, but house prices, etc are still high. Chino Hills on the other hand, yes, those people generally have a good income.

Grats on the rig Jakup. Did you ask Nalu if I can come check it out tonight?

On Any Given Sunday!
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