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Originally posted by ibGoodEnuf
You need to displace THIS ti before talking smack. It may also help for you to be able to recognize a phony score when you see it. bout dropping your rig to defaults, and Ill displace your score before you can finish typing a reply mr 147 Mhz Bus.

All you got was 12,000 points while jacking your bus that silent please.I got 11,700 on strict defaults.Chances are that a VidCard core OC would put me at your score without even touching my FSB.

And i wasnt talking smack at all, just read at madonion that the record/barrier had been broken, the first at like 20,009 points then the one i posted above that. Thought it was impressive.

As for the phony score comment, im assuming you mean the FSB it noted? It may help you to realize that these kind of reports happen all the time,

Example here:

,some people get wrong FSB reports, some get things that say "not run at defaults settings, etc etc"
Doesnt make the score fake.
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