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Default Re: "Blow up a Jew" avatars degrading, offensive

Originally posted by AshG
I think the subject says it all. I am highly saddenned and offended by the use of the modified "Free Palestine' avatars. I'm all for equality anda separate, self-governed Palestinian state, but I am sickened and disgusted that there is violently anti-semitic propoganda in full view.

Like I said, I think the "Free Palestine" avatars are great, but "blow up a jew" has to go... please?
First off you should have PMd' me about this. I am the one who altered the original FREE PALESTINE. When you have a problem with a person in the forum then you go directly to them, before you make another thread in which you don't know what you are talking about.

1. I am not anti-semitic.
2. I am a staunch supporter of Israel.
3. It was a political statement against some of the more extreme members here who support Palestinian terrorists and the PLO's actions the past 30 years of suicide bombings. Like my wording or not but that is my view. BTW that does not mean all here who support the Palestinians, but rather just some one who does.
4. Some of us have different views about the Palestinian/Israel conflict.

My whole intent was to have the avatar up until a mod or Mike C contacted me. I made my point and then I removed it.

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