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Because he's the only one to tell the truth ??,1953.html

This card is very noisy.... My 8800GTX fan turn at 1600rpm and it's silent !! On the GTX 280 it must turn to 500 rpm to be silent and at 1250 it's like a washing machine !

During Windows startup, the GT200 fan was quiet (running at 516 rpm, or 30% of its maximum rate). Then, once a game was started, it suddenly turned into a washing machine, reaching a noise level that was frankly unbearable – especially the GTX 280. The GTX 260 did slightly better, but also became noisy at 1250 rpm (the noise of the air flow, not of the fan itself). We should tell you, however, that our at-idle readings are taken after all our benchmarks have been run, after just a few minutes at idle. The problem is that the GTX 280 never really goes back to its minimum level, and the GTX 260’s fan, while it does better, still runs at 700 rpm – though that’s relatively quiet.

Still, the fans are a big disappointment with these cards, especially when you consider that they blow part of the hot air back into the case and so contribute to heating it, which in turn causes the GPU fan to crank up, not to mention the other components.

Hoping evga will redo the heatsink...

Waiting for ATI or GTX 260 @ .55 + with better heatsink-fan
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