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Default Re: Getting Anistropic Filtering to Work with Very High

Originally Posted by CaptNKILL View Post
Its too bad. The parallax map looks amazing up close but it gets so blurry and nasty looking at a short distance.

I wonder if drivers could ever enable some sort of AF for parallax mapped textures. It seems like it'd eat up a ton of performance.
This is the explanation of this issue told by a guy at Crytek:

"We chose to use a certain kind of texture lookup for performance Ė this lookup type does not support Anisotropic texture filtering. In most cases this should not be that much visible. We will discuss this here and maybe for a patch we consider to improve this for high quality settings. We just need to make sure we donít loose too much performance and at the same time we cannot afford too many shader variations on this"

Maybe we'll see this problem solved in Warhead, maybe in a future patch, maybe never...
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