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Jakup, I've got a request. 1920x1200, 0xAA, VH, DX10, Single 280. And, here's a strange one, 1366x768, 4xAA, VH, DX10, Single 280.

I've said I'm not getting a 280 but I just got a nice bonus at work and so I'm testing the waters. The only problem is I game on a 720p HDTV at 1366x768. With a single 8800GTX I can comfortably play at 1366x768 0xAA, VH, DX10. That's not exactly a stressful resolution for something like the 280 but I was wondering how much AA I could expect to apply. Additionally, I've also been thinking of getting a new 1080p TV so I'd like to know what I could expect at around 1080p in VH, DX10 with no AA.
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