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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by yxx View Post
hmmm that doesn't look good.......i am planning on getting a new gtx280 soon. i don't see how that can work unless it's drivers but how are "better" drivers gonna bring it up 20fps.
Even when CPU bound ATI cards have always showed poorer FSX performance than Nvidia cards. Thats why I've never considered ATI as an option for FSX. Even the 3870 is 25% slower than the 8800.

In this chart performance goes up when AA and AF is enabled, so you know there's no GPU bottleneck involved. I don't understand how a GPU can make such a difference in a CPU bound app other than drivers, but you would think ATI would have their drivers matured by this point. In any case it's pretty rare to see a driver update close a 25% delta.

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