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rabblerouser, that was a fairly informitive post, thanx.

Where did you get your facts from?

Also, I completely agree about the new Ati integrated Intel chipset. Its going to make them barrels of money. Thats where the expected 40% jump in revenue is going to come from I bet.

40% of thier current gross would put them even with NV's gross.

Also, when you consider how much of NV's marketshare in the standalone desktop segment derives from thier low end 400/420/440 boards, how much of that will they lose when people will be able to get dx 8.1 integrated chipset from Ati?

And its going to be probably cheaper than a cheap board add in.

Speed, like with the 5200, may not be the issue. Thats why all the big m-board makers have jumped on this one, its gonna be big I think.

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