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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 reviews thread!

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
Not doing so good in Crysis except for the DH review.
Well, what we have to see here is the whole picture I believe. If we look at this from a performance improvement standpoint, the GTX 280 offers 60-80% improvements (sometimes more) over last generation's preferred supercard, the 8800GTX. We've had new cards that offered much less over the last few years (7800GTX -> 7900GTX, 1900XT -> 2900XT) or even offered less performance in some situations (8800GTX -> 9800GTX, 2900XT -> HD3870). Strictly speaking, the jump offered here is massive. But, this doesn't have much of an impact due to multi-GPU/card solutions. If there were only single cards now in the market, we'd all be very impressed right now. But Nvidia has already released the 9800GX2, which under certain conditions, outperforms the GTX 280.

In conclusion, if Nvidia decide to slap 2 GTX 280s on one PCB or 2 together at one point, then Nvidia's next single card will receive the same response. Because now we have the new single cards trying to improve on the last generation's single cards AND the last generations multi-cards as well. Not an easy task at all...
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