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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 reviews thread!

Originally Posted by ChrisRay View Post
I personally dont understand alot of the Crysis results on the web. In my experience. And my GTX 280/260 SLIPreview the 9800GX2 ran out of memory at post 1600x1200 with AA enabled which severely hampered its performance in Crysis. I wonder if some time demos dont tell the whole story or what their timedemos are actually doing. At very high you cant even turn on AA at 1920x1080 with the 9800GX2 without it dropping to 3 FPS.
Unfortunately not all reviewers know what are they doing .. actually most of them!
i was surprised myself to see how some reviewers went on to tell how the 9800GX2 is "better" than the GTX280 disragarding all the advantages of the increased framebuffer size , SLI issues of the GX2 & many other points.
thanks for the note Chris.

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