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Default Re: Official GeForce GTX 280 and GTX 260 reviews thread!

Originally Posted by SH64 View Post
Hmm yeah i guess you have a point there. however i'm more biased towards Crysis performance .. Crysis @very high seems (for me at least) to be the "gauge" of the performance of any new GPU coming to market currently .. its one of the rare times where i dont check the whole review/benchmarks but rather focus on the game that matters to me the most. many might disagree with me on that though.

the way i see it : if the gfx card can play Crysis @VH smoothly then i'll be safe with any other upcoming big title (Alan Wake , Project Offset , FarCry2 ..) , if not then i have to worry.
The fact that Crysis is a bitch to run at very high in the first place doesn't help at all either. We're talking a jump 80-90% on VH Crysis, but because the performance was so low in the first place, it's still unplayable. It's like comparing 4 -> 8fps and 18 -> 36fps. Both are 100% improvements, but only one is playable...
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