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Default Re: Triple-Head Setup without Xinerama?

Originally Posted by relix View Post
If I use a DH2G or TH2G, can you set up so that the one twice-as-big screen for the DH2G is split in two, so that when you maximize a window, it actually maximizes to 1 monitor, instead of maximizing to the 2 monitors connected to the DH2G?
Basically, yes: i.e. in my case i needed to add the following lines in the xorg.conf:

    Option         "TwinviewXineramaInfo"     "True"
    Option         "TwinViewXineramaInfoOverride" "1600x1200+0+0, 1600x1200+1600+0, 1600x1200+3200+0"
However, i have experienced that some window managers or applications ignore
(true/faked) xinerama. Gnome & KDE and related applications should work fine.

In other words: if the twinview setup worked fine for you concerning
maximizing windows, then, in this respect, TwinViewXineramaInfoOverride
should also do it with the twinview+DH2G/TH2G setup as proposed above
since it uses the same underlaying mechanism (the nvidia xinerama


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