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Default Re: 8800GTX SLi v/s GTX280

Originally Posted by darkrider01 View Post
Do any of the reviews actually pit a GTX280 against 2 x 8800GTX's in SLi? I understand that the GTX280 is the fastest single card out and that it is faster than 2 x 9800GTX's, but I'm trying to decide if it's right for me. I've looked at 10 sites so far, but I can't find this comparison.

I've told myself that I'm only gonna upgrade if it's faster than 2 x 8800GTX's in SLi at 1680x1050 or 1920x1200.

There were a few that I've seen and no it's not really faster to go with 1 GTX 280 versus 2 x 8800GTX. I think I'm going to hold off and wait until the price drops a little. Then I might be able to go 2 x GTX 280 and remove all doubt.

I'll see if I can find it again.

Here are a couple from FiringSquad:
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