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Default Re: Just got my GTX 280 and some Problems

Originally Posted by Goran View Post
Temp should be ok as long it's under 110C. However, check so that the card is getting power from 2 separate 12v lines. Each 12v line is limited to 20 amps and this cards needs 40amps. You must use a 6-pin from line 1 and 8 pin from line 2 (example) and make sure the card does not share 12v from the motherboard!
The 40A RECOMMENDED is for TOTAL system power usage. The GTX280 doesn't need 40A on it's own, that would be 480W for one card only! AFAIK, the power draw for this card is 30amps higher than a 8800GTX. I used to run my 8800GTX on a 480W PSU with 28A on the 12V... So a 30A total 12V+ PSU should be fine, depending on the rest of the hardware...
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