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Default Re: So they're out. What will U DO?

Originally Posted by Riptide View Post

8800GTX works fine for everything except Crysis and it's not worth the outlay to upgrade for one of these new ones right now. I'll see what ATI has to offer but most likely will be waiting another six months or more.

+1 My 8800GTX is perfect for Playing @ 1680X1050 with Max settings

Although i would love to get one i must resist!

I need to finish building the Rig for my Bro... and build a new one for my mom.[so money is tight]

I actually played MOH Airborne last night @ 1680X1050 16QXAA 16XAF and it was awesome..
So my card still has some life in it. [i bought it in Feb 07]

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