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The numbers were from the same xbitlabs article and overall share figures include integrated nForce 2 graphics.

Regarding nForce 2, yeah it is a great product. I think Ati would like to set up as the nForce 2 of the Intel market. Nvidia doesn't have a license for the Intel market, while Ati has licenses for both Intel and AMD. Even if Ati gets 20% of the Intel desktop market, they will have surpassed NVDA nForce 2 sales, since AMD's marketshare is pretty low at the moment.

As a side note, Ati dominates the mobile market with overall 68% share, which is quite incredible compared to desktop distribution of graphics market share. And in the US last quarter notebook sales outpaced desktop sales.

Ati will have a chipset out for the A64 but for the moment it seems they are targeting the Intel desktop market.

Regarding the 40% rise in revs, that is referring to the rise year over year, not from last quarter to this quarter. The sequential rise will be probably around + or - 10%.
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