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Default Re: Official Unofficial OSX on your non-Apple hardware thread

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan View Post
actually, I just installed firefox 3 for the mac, and I'm really starting to like OSX a lot. I think I'll install open office and stick with it for a few weeks. Things like Mail, photos, calendar, and music are much more accessible.
Have you tried out Office 2008 for Mac? Office for Mac is different than Office for Windows, but in a good way. You will have to check it out to see what I mean.

I haven't tried FF3 for Mac yet, but since somebody is raving about it, I might as well try it out. I wonder how much better/worse it is compared to Safari . . .

BTW, what do you mean "much more accessible"? Just curious about your experience with OSX.

I never looked at anything on the Wiki and installed it without any hitches. Guess I got so excited about having OSX again I just didn't care lol. I'm still just blown away that there were no problems during or after the install.
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