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Default Re: So they're out. What will U DO?

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
As usual the GX2 guys come out of the wood works to defend there purchase when something better comes along.

How can you be so naive to think that better drivers will not give the GTX 280 a performance boost? I mean really? and as for overclocking you obviously have not even bothered to research it because the 280 overclocks great.

You GX2 guys who already plunked down all that you could spend are just pissed off that a better single card solution is on the market and you should have waited just a bit longer before spending your $$$. I have seen this same thing happen time and time again with previous GX2 cards and its always the same.

Give me a single card with a true 1gb of vram and a big bus to go along with it and watch that card sing at high resolutions with high amounts of AA and AF and at the same time watch your GX2 become completely crippled under the same settings.

I'm not pissed off. I'm getting a 280 for 30 bucks
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