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Default Re: Nvidia prepares for price wars

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
Well lets see.............look back at when the 8800GTX was launched, I had one from launch and specifically remember how much better the card got after some driver revisions and it was most certainly more than 2fps average.

I can understand some of you guys being irritated about the price but honestly some of the things that you and neckro are saying makes it seem as though you guys have never owned a high end video card from its launch date before and are completely unaware what optimized drivers can do for it.

You can say what you like about it but when it comes to high res with high amounts of AA and AF this is the card to have.
No, I've never owned one from launch. You can get them for $50 cheaper two weeks after launch.

So how much did drivers help the GTX over the period of launch until now? 5%?
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