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I have a post about this very subject. I bought a 9800 GX2 to try it out in my system. My GTX 280 should be coming soon. Soon I'll know for sure about how beneficial that 1GB of RAM will be. My monitor has a native resolution of 1920X1200, and I like to use AA and AF, so the GTX 280 will be the better card for my uses. If you have a 30-inch monitor you'll definitely see a huge improvement with the GTX 280. It crushes the 9800 GX2 at that resolution. There are two main features the GTX 280 has going for it: It's 1GB of dedicated video memory and the 512-bit memory bus. These features can be helpful in today's games in high resolutions with AA and AF enabled, but they will really come in handy in future games that will definitely tax the card's memory subsystem. That's why the 8800 GTX still does well against the 9800 GTX in memory bandwidth-intensive games. It has that 384-bit memory and 768GB or onboard RAM.
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