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Default GTX280 signal keeps going out with my HDTV

Problem: Display flashes on and off on my 47" 1080P LCD every 1-2-3 seconds it flashes for about 1 second and shows no signal when it goes black.

1: never has issues with any previous video card: (3850 3870x2 and i just removed a temp 7900gs.)

2: Installed latest drivers on nvidias site.

3: Tried changing the reso, refresh rate, and from P to I. still same issue.

4: Tried switching monitors around same thing. It only effects the 47"

5: Put my 7900gs back in no issues again.

6: the more I move my mouse the more the screen blanks out.

7: checked cable. Im using a DVI to HDMI cable.

Anyone have any ideas?

Edit: works fine with my 24" monitor. no issues at all and works well. Just dosnt like my LCD tv and all my other cards work 100% fine with it.

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