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Default Re: GTX 260. Great upgrade for 8800GTX users imo.

Originally Posted by pizzaguy View Post
What benches have you been looking at? I hope you are not just basing this off of crysis alone because the GTX 280 and 260 obliterates the 8800GTX in a lot of games and this is on launch drivers.
Screw Crysis, that fell off my radar right after launch. Most of the benchmarks show an improvement in terms of performance compared to the 9800GX2 except for Assassin's Creed. Compared to the 8800 GTX,'s a good upgrade. Even better if you have a 7800 GTX. New drivers will improve things and help it take a bigger lead in the future, no doubt. For now,'s nothing groundbreaking.

I'll wait for the 55nm die shrink...this card runs way too hot.
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