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Originally Posted by grimreefer View Post
current games- 9800gx2 is better.
future games - a bit of a gamble, but gtx 280 might be faster
cuda apps- gtx 280 is better
ppl are citing alot of things without evidence.
read the anandtech article and come to your own conclusion.
heres a taste:
Again...lack of min fps makes these results look like the GX2 is a clear winner...I think it was Hardops review that i read, when they were doing the test on grassy areas/etc...the GTX had a lot better performance with AA/trans aa over the GX2, and i think we all know that these cards are fast...but the GX2 is not going to be able to match up in min fps..

Just look at WiC min the end it could be just a driver issue, but i would rather buy a gtx260 than a gx2 -.-..
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