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Default Re: 8800GTX SLi v/s GTX280

Originally Posted by spajdr View Post
Also Age of Conan, average fps in Old Tarantia was 25-30 .. with GX2 ... with GTX 280 its around 35-40 fps, same with Conall Valley, people dont realize they barely seen in reviews min.fps and thats the problem, playing with GTX 280 is not about max. fps but about min.fps which are really better, and for max eyecandy on 30" its a must. Next thing is driver code for GT200 is completely different to G80 so there are still room for improvements.
spot on. Any review site that only show avg should be ignored imo...ignoring the cost of the GTX280, the min fps at high ress/aa is far better than anything out there thanks to its extra mem/power.
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