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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by brady View Post
There's something in the drivers newer than the 169s that breaks FSX even though just about every other game I have gets a boost in either IQ or performance. It's really annoying. It sort of makes me want to get rid of FSX.
Yep Nv drivers pretty much suck ass for FSX almost every driver set has some kind of problem from rendering errors to BSOD,menu hangs,rendering driver stopped ectectect with the amount of bitchin on there own forums & across the various FSX boards you'ed think they'ed have fixed it by now but as you know FSX is missing that one special NV driver fix ingredient....A BENCHMARK

they just dont give a **** about fixing games that they cant score browny points from in reviews,which is why im really hopping the new 48xx cards do really well,even if there only as fast as my 8800gts 640mb in FSX with like for like settings i dont care as i'll be glad to have some solid driver support for my money not just some radom beta drivers that i need to hack inf files to get working

anyhows rant mode off

Ive been working on some freeware water normal maps to try and fix the mess that Aces made of the DX10 water (they added 3 extra water layers but just copied the exsisting textures to 2 of those layers talk about of the moment FEX doesnt alter these textures so there just plasted ontop of the higher res FEX normals leaving the blocky mess)

Here a few WIP shots

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