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Default no way!

That's a system I built for some folks, and basically owned the PC for 3 months while i built it from scratch and loaded programs on it... I needed to build a 500-800mhz sdram pci vidcard system...
Compaq BMW mobo (had to use a pcb saw @ work to remove the tab which prevented installation in mATX cases)..., 256mb PC133, 40gb hd, 300wPSU, tdk 4mb buffer burner, cdrom, floppy etc etc... all for a real good price.

I wanted them to be able to handle some dx7 games if possible... they were sayin theyd never play a game on it but I needed to throw something in there... so I threw a voodoo2 in there, and installed UT and Deus Ex... pretty nice but no good dx support. So I hooked up with the GF2mx PCI... modded it a little, OC'ed it nicely, and got good performance out of it! I'm pleased!

As for my MAIN system, it's nothing spiffy... Abit KR7A-133R, XP1700 @1910, around 180-191fsb, 256mb samsung pc2700 tcb3, GF3ti500 about to be volt modded, so on and so forth... and my Home theatre PC with wireless keyboard/mouse and ATI remote wonder is a gigabyte kt266a/XP1700 @ stock, 256mb PC2100, and presently a GF3ti200 doin the tv out thang... I'd tell you bout my file server but it aint ready... and it's OOLLLD...

It was fun workin on that old Celeron... it still feels quick

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