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Default Re: 8800GTX SLi v/s GTX280

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
spot on. Any review site that only show avg should be ignored imo...ignoring the cost of the GTX280, the min fps at high ress/aa is far better than anything out there thanks to its extra mem/power.
I'm not getting this huge dip in FPS min that some people must have

with my two 800gtx sli in AoC at 2560x1600 I watched this evening and haven't gone below 40 yet regardless of zone and spell effects - in fact it rarely goes below 55 and stays at 59-60

Only reason I'm still considering a switch is purely for heat as the 2 OC'd 8800gtx BFG certainly heat the case up

But I just dont see this framerate dip problem that people point to for an advantage for the 280
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