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Default Re: Slow Firefox-Performance with NVIDA

Originally Posted by jkx View Post
After a little chat with firefox dev, they told me the main difference between FF2 and FF3 for the rendering speed is Xrender, which normaly boost the rendering engine, but can have side effects with some cards.

I decided to run a benchmark of NVIDIA drivers with the xrenderbenchmark, the results are here :

As you can figure, the NVIDIA drivers are pretty slow when it has to deal with large pixels area ..
damn, I've never seen xrenderbenchmark results with ati cards before. I knew that the intel driver was good but The ati gpl driver kills at xrender acceleration on that card too. Now if only I could get an mxm ati card I would dump my 8600 in a flash.

in the second benchmark nvidia is slow because it is not accelerated by the gpu. According to nvidia these are not commonly used xrender operations therefore they don't bother accelerating them (but probably the reason 2d on nvidia sucks). Seeing as an ati card with can perform nearly as well as an intel card then frankly I don't see much of a reason to stay with nvidia in the future.

Now I just need to find someone with an ati 2xxx series to see results like those with my own eyes.

EDIT: Just read the specs on the test system, don't tell me a Q6600 was used on card and an E6600 on another...which would completely invalidate the results
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