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Default Re: Time Warner plans to cap usage

Originally Posted by bobmitch View Post
I am soooo glad I dropped Time Warner when Verizon FIOS became available...over a year ago...what a difference in speeds AND customer service. TWC was awful...and Verizon is actually pretty good. I went from 6/768 to 15/2 and never look back. Fibre Optic is the way to matter what TWC promised...they never followed through...and Verizon s good to their word
Yep...Not only is FIOS uncapped, but they are increasing speeds again nation wide. I think the new speeds going into effect next week look like this :
5/2 increase to 10/2
15/2 increase to 20/5
15/15 increase to 20/20 (my package...woot!)
30/10 increase to 50/20 (or somthing to that effect)

I love me some

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