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Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
Why is this site so pro EVGA.

They used to be the bottom of the bucket in the geforce 4 days and now everyone loves em.

Does this site have ties to EVGA or is this a jakup thing?
If you care to read, here's what I've experienced that made me go to EVGA. I was running an ATI Radeon 9800Pro for a few years, when I decided that I would build my first PC. I was eyeballing the 7800GT, with my preference being the XFX 7800GT special edition.

It featured a black medal bracket to prevent warping, with a glowing XFX logo, as well as fan lighting. I thought it would look cool in my then clear side case. However, the card suffered from massive defects (it wasn't a reference design). I went to the XFX forums and saw mods deleting threads about this card left and right. Users were complaining that XFX was refusing to honor the warranty. An XFX forum mod came out and said that XFX was cutting their losses, due to how expensive it would be to replace these cards (think XBox 360 defect rate here). Finally, the forum bombardment by pissed off users caused XFX to take down their forums. After seeing that, I knew that I would only buy from a company with a rep for honoring their warranty. People at Nvnews recommended EVGA.

I bought two cards from EVGA, a 7800GT and 6800GS (my system, and my wife's). Within 90 days, I stepped them up to a 7900GT KO Superclock, and a 7600GT SuperClock. My wife still uses that 7600 to this day without issue.

My 7900GT ended up dying, so EVGA replaced it. It died again. EVGA's forums were loaded with problems with this card, like XFX before them. It was a dud. So, EVGA launched the 7900GT, and started passing them out as replacements to those with 7900GT KO SC issues. And I used that 7900GTO until last month without issue.

And no, it didn't die I sold it on ebay when I bought my current setup, an EVGA 9600GT, and an EVGA 650i Ultra mobo. If EVGA offers a product I want, I buy from them over any other brand. Most companies build up their rep, and then cut quality to raise profits once they become a top seller. EVGA hasn't done this. They continue to improve.
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