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Welp, I did manage to snag my copy of the game about 2 days ago. Outstanding! I think it's going to be the Halo Killer. Don't have the NA yet to try it online because I don't have the $50 for it (Meijer here is selling them for $49.99 - $10 more than everyone else..."Why Pay Mor" indeed). I've been hoping to find a USB Ethernet adapter that's compatible but I doubt I'll find one for $20 or less.

For an FPS on a console, the controls are great! Sure, I'd prefer Mouse & KB but I can work with the dual analog controller without much of a hindrance.

The only real problem with the game in single player mode is the annoying yet hilarious Boomer - your parasitic back up man in Abel team (Jester and Specter - your Bravo team - behave like real SEALs and are very lethal in comparison to Boomer) Boomer will remind you of all the brainless stuff noobs do in PC games. He will do his fair share of saving your life and taking it away with his antics. Most people will just shoot him at the start of a mission to greatly improve their chances of clearing a mission with stealth, but Boomer is a lovable idiot...even when he bounces a frag nade against wall or when he deploys a satchel loaded with C4 at your feet.
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