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Default Broken Dialup

Perhaps someone can help me with a problem. I've been trying to figure out why my dialup connection has been crippled in x64. It worked fine until yesterday, right after I installed the VIA Platform drivers. At the same time, I noticed that DriveGleam was showing a higher than normal amount of HD activity. I checked with Filemon, and the most active files were VIA followed by Outpost firewall. Closing either or both of these made no difference. Where I would normally expect to get about 5-8kb/s connection, I'm only getting about 400-600b/s at best. Needless to say, pages load extremely slow, if at all.

I reinstalled the VIA driver and the modem driver, and that made no difference. The problem is the same regardless of the browser (Opera, Firefox or IE), so that can't be the problem.

Since the connection is normal when booted into MCE, there can't be any problem with hardware, ISP or telephone lines. What am I missing???
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