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Originally Posted by Mr Bigman View Post
Explain this step up program.

does it mean people can upgrade every few months for dollars instead of hundreds of dollars?

I baught my cards from Bestbuy which don't count.
The stepup program works as follows;

-purchase a GPU from EVGA direct or any authorized retailer
-within 90 days of purchase, choose a new GPU from EVGA website, you only pay the difference between EVGA price on 2nd card, and what you actually paid for the first card.
-EVGA mails you a new card, you mail back old card (not sure if they still offer cross shipping, they did when I did my stepup)
-Once you step up, you can not step up the new card. It's a one time thing per initial purchase. The new card automatically replaces the old one in your online registration.
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