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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

FSX has been the most frustrating and amazing game I've played. From drivers to tweaks, scenery addons and the whole lot it seems amazing how it even runs sometimes. I will cave in at some point and get a gtx280 sooner than later probably as i do play a lot of other games also.

but starting in July my work schedule is 3 16hour days on and 3 days off routine until September so maybe getting a new VGA can wait till September cause i won't game as much but man i cave into all the new PC hardware that comes out right away. (not trying to brag but computers is my main hobby so most of money goes there right now)

like today i bought a new v-raptor (very excited) so i gonna do a fresh install of OS and fsx sometime in the next week yet ...........i just can't stop buying PC

i just hope when i buy a new gtx280 that the drivers will work well with fsx.
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