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This means that after Star Fox Adventures, there won't be anymore GameCube software from Rare. Whatever happens to Kameo, Perfect Dark 2, and Donkey Kong Racing is beyond us. Speculatively, I think Kameo will simply be released on Xbox. It will undoubtedly see some changes, but it looked on-track to be a great product. As for Perfect Dark 2, well this is something thought to be in development for over two years. It's not something Rare can just throw away or pawn off. It's a major project, and from what we understand Rare has to convince Nintendo to sell it to them. If Nintendo doesn't do that, Rare will probably have to go back and redesign a lot of the art and, probably, dialogue
Finally, everyone wants to know if Rare will be fully owned by Microsoft. These details are yet to be uncovered, but given the scope of the deal, it's safe to assume that Rare will do whatever Microsoft wants it to do. And, I'm sure the company will quickly become the most recognized Xbox development house. It's by no means a small company.
As a GameCube fan, I'm pretty disappointed. It probably means at least four or five AAA titles for GameCube will slip through the cracks to Xbox. But, as an owner of Xbox, I'm completely happy playing Rare's games there, too. Nintendo just needs to be sure to fill the gap and prove that it truly didn't need Rare's support. That's going to be the most difficult thing of all. Nintendo worshiped so much of what Rare did, so there are some very big shoes to fill.
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Apparently, if you do a patent search on Perfect Dark, it comes out as belonging to Rare, not Nintendo.
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