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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by jasonsco View Post
hi everyone,ive been comming to nvnews forums fsx for ages now reading and finding out all the cool stuff you guys post each day about fsx,and have never registered untill now.i love looking at your screen shots and as a great guide to what new planes are comming out and scenerys.i am from sydney australia and lately u guys have posted alot of screens on australian scenery which looks great thats what has prompted me to join your forum.
Hi there Jasonsco

Welcome to the little FSX club we have going here at NVnews

I think orbx have done a lot to raise Oz's flight priority for a lot of FSX infact im sure most of us had'nt even checked out Oz for any flights before AU Blue (i checked out sydney with the sorth lived VOZ of fsx....which was abbandoned in favor of AU) this mostly has to do with Aces ignoring pretty much anything out side the US mesh wise

just saw this over at FSW about the upcoming FEX update!

Originally Posted by Chris Norris
Indeed Friday smile.gif And it's a mammoth update.. with much more to follow in the coming weeks. Truthfully, we will release this in stages. The main highlights of the friday update are to introduce SHD clouds to FSX for the first time, and this isn't a small amount.. it's truly an enormous amount of work. Also much new functionality and improvements with FEX itself, dynamic theme creation and control is much greater and easier than before.

Following updates including Airport Environments, new water stuff wink.gif , new weather stuff and more, will gradually be released.
About dam time if you ask me


BTW Hey slaWter no need for beta tester atm but if you want to check it out PM me and i'll send you a link to the zipped files atm its only really good for large bodies or open sea's as it looks a little rough on rivers and small inland lakes
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