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Default Re: So they're out. What will U DO?

Originally Posted by E30325i 2.7 View Post
I think its you that are pissed of that your GTX 280 are slower than 9800GX2 and it don't OC any god look at Bjorn 3d Review of it.
My 9800GX2 runs 730Mhz on the core a
9800GX2 OC VS a 280GTX OC The 9800GX2 will win the tests even more

And i have not used my last $$$ on my 9800GX2 i had ordered a 280 but canceled it when the reviews came out.
Im not mad, I have the better card so Keep telling yourself that.

This is what happens when your precious GX2 with its crippled bus and ram runs out of steam.

Expect to see a lot more of this in future titles. Enjoy your GX2 and all of its micro stutters chump.
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