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oh god
WTF is this site? some Rare fan site??? I thought your talking about the Rare's site:

I'll just quite other post coz im to lazy to write it myself:

"yea, its basically just saying what I said in a lot of words, people are under the assumption that Rare owns perfectdark..
remember that there is a difference between Rare and Rareware... Rareware is whom MS is buying, Rare Limited and all of its Franchises are all owned by Nintendo..
Nintendos licenses are as follows

Software Development etc.
(a) Nintendo Technology Development Inc.
(a) Nintendo Software Technology Corporation
(a) Rare Acquisition Inc.
(a) Rare Limited
(a) Rare Inc.
(a) Rare Toys & Games, Inc.
(b) A/N Software Inc.
(d) Rareware Limited
(d) Left Field Productions, Inc.
(d) Retro Studios, Inc.
(d) Silicon Knights Inc.
(d) iKuni Inc.
(e) Midway/Nintendo Inc.
Source: [link=] Nintendo Financial Statements 5/30/02

(a) Consolidated subsidiaries - This means Nintendo owns 100% of the company. These include NOA, NOE, etc.
(b) Non-consolidated subsidiary with equity method applied
(c) Non-consolidated subsidiary with equity method non-applied
(d) Affiliates with equity method applied
(e) Affiliates with equity method non-applied

Perfect Dark is owned by Rare Limited, not Rareware Limited
this means Perfect Dark is 100% Nintendos property.
Rare will go to MS with nothing but the shirts on thier back
Killer Instinct, PD, Kameo and such, all staying with Nintendo.."

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