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Default Re: Flight Simulator X Full Version Feedback Thread

Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
I got the GTX 280 this morning and I had some time to test it with FSX. Performance is similar to the GX2 and 8800GTX, I don't have real performance comparisons but it's definitely not like those THG numbers!
that's good to hear. i was a little nervous there when i saw the THG numbers but i guess i wouldn't expect the new GTX to make fps rocket sky high. that didn't even happen when i went from dual to quad with this game. just texture loading was nice and sharp and i turned up some settings. i think I remember sillyeagle mentioning that too with going to a quad. i was hoping for at least the same fps with a new GTX and maybe smoother game play with AA and AF.

Congrats on the new card and nice setup you have there. i looked at your pics in the other thread.

welcome jasonsco. i too observed this thread for long time and took in the knowledge of everyone here and didn't post much but now I start throwing my two bits in.

I am also looking forward to the SHD clouds update from FEX this weekend.
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