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Originally posted by ibGoodEnuf
You obviously are going to need some advantage as your card aint one. I will post default score ASAP. obviously need to wake up here. The 9700 isnt an advantage in 3DMark over a..Ti4600? Cmon man...i doubt ANYONE even on this board will concur with that.
Its obvious you are in denial here. Im sorry you paid the same price for your Ti and still want to believe its the fastest thing since Dale Earnheardt...but sorry...its not...

I would love to see you on a good ctf q3 server so that I might show you just how well my ti works for me.
LOL again...Q3?? Gimme a break man..if you like team oriented gameplay or Capture the flag..just what the heck are you doing playing Quake3 for...just stop the nonsense.
When UT2k3 is out..Ill meet up with you and show you your Ti cant keep up.
Ill gladly play you in anything more current.
I dont play, or give a rats ass about Q3....and havent for 2+ years now.

lol...wasting new vidcards on Q3...gee even a GF3 gets 200+fps in that weak engine doesnt it? So if you killed me in Q3 thats supposed to be indicative of your cards performance?
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