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Default Re: Just got my GTX 280 and some Problems

I don't know man. I'm really disappointed. I mean how can you miss something like this during Quality assurance? You run the card for 5 seconds and it heats up to 115C and shuts down. I mean it was even heating up to 85C in Windows... You don't miss something like this. Especially on a pre-overclocked model that has to go through thorough testing...

I'm honestly tired of this. Upgrading every once in a while, paying all that money and having to pray that the hardware comes operational... Consoles are just so problem free. It either works or it doesn't. No conflicts, no overheating, no drivers... I'm sitting right now and thinking of the wonderful experience I'm having with games like Metal Gear Solid 4 and Uncharted on the PS3, or Gears of War and Mass Effect on the 360. And I know that tomorrow morning, I will have to get up and go to the post office, ship a card to the UK and get it back hopefully in two weeks... Not the best of times...
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