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Default Re: What the benchmarks DON'T Tell you about the GTX 280!!!

Originally Posted by MikeC View Post
I did elude to the minimum frame rate in our review, which happens to be one of the reasons I only gave it a base hit award.
Well that still downplayed how much it affected the overall playability with the card. RS Vegas 2 would actually stop to load textures, the pause was a few seconds. GOW was very bad with stutter. Even Assassin's Creed would stutter for the first 10 - 15 seconds when loading up a savegame, after that it was smooth most the time. Since swapping out for the 8800GTX I experience none of this any longer.

I was really bothered with the stuttering and ended up RMA'ing and washing my hands of it. Driver Heaven mentioned it, as did your review, but in the end had I known how bad this was I would've never even picked up a 9800GX2. It wasnt just a minimum frame rate issue, GOW, Vegas 2, AC and others would actually pause breifly while loading textures. Thats inexcusable.

I know a few others like Newsl1 that also returned their cards believing this problem was too much to ignore.
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