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Default Computer won't boot up with GTX 280

Replaced my 8800 GTX with a 280 - no go. The CPU fan and the case fans won't even spin when both the 6-pin and the 8-pin connectors are plugged into the 280. Wattage should be no problem - my power supply is a Seasonic S12 600 Watts, the CPU is a E6600 @3.4, only 2x1GB RAM at default voltage, 4x harddrives and a DVD burner. From my research, the PSU should have no trouble driving such and even higher system (never had any problems while running the computer with the 8800 GTX).

The funny thing is that when I tried to boot up without the 8-pin connector plugged in (just for ****z and giggles), the CPU and the case fans come to life, but of course the system never fully boots, so I suspect either the 8-pin EPS is not working properly. Or the 280 could be DOA.

Any thoughts/suggestions/insights would be appreciated.
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