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Default Re: Mass Effect (PC) Feedback Thread

Supposedly they were "forced" into finishing it even though it wasn't done. Just slapped the ending on it and shipped it out.

Upon looking at the game files, there were tons of scripts that never made it into the final release. But get this... it's still on the CD. They also stripped the high-res movies and totally dropped the ball on the ending - including the voices! The fans of the game had to take it upon themselves to fix it since Obsidian's excuse was basically "We can't do anything for it because LucasArts won't let us." That's such a load of bull. No support what so ever. And this isn't concerning the stuff they can't touch, obviously.

You literally got half a game when it came out.

I'm used to this now, though. Get a game, deal with the bugs, and sit on my ass until a patch comes out. That's the trend now. At least I can deal with Mass Effect's bugs since they're mostly cosmetic for me. Nothing is too game breaking. At least not yet.
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