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People in the open forum are going post about whatever is effecting them at any given moment whether it be sex, drugs, politics, entertainment, sports, religion, whatever. If those posts are following the ToS and/or aren't being reported to us, there's no way in hell I'm going to "make up" a reason to justify schlepping them off to some corner just to make a handful of people happy. Stuff like that didn't happen in the past so why start now?

The way I see things is pretty simple - if some members of the community here believe that the Open Forum is swinging too much one way in one specific social topic (whatever that social topic might be), then they are more than welcome to help balance those scales by pulling a Monty Python! They have all the time in their visit here to click "New Topic" and help contribute to this community in their own way by giving us "something totally different".

The ball is essentially in the community's court and anyone here can choose to leave that ball lay or pick it and shoot for the T. Whatever their choice is will be theirs to make just as much as ours.

Personally, if you folks really think that the Open Forum is that bad, you're probably not geting any "you POS liberal this, that, and the other and I hope you and your daughter dies for them Ann Coulter lies" type of hatemail messages interspersed with hundreds of spam...but messages like that make my day!
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