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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce GTX 280 or GTX 260" thread

Here's a couple of quick grabs from the Crysis demo in foliage.

All high DX9 @ 1680x 8xAF 52FPS

All high DX9 @ 1680x 4xAA|8xAF 34FPS

TRL Croft Manor pool room with next gen+AA 90FPS. I got 46 there with my old 8800GTX-

Crysis all very high with 8xAF was mid 20s. So not very hot. 26FPS was typical with dips to 23. There wasn't a lot of variation at all.

DiRT caps in a bit. Every game I've tried so far has been smooth. No hitching or hard FPS crashes/drops.

Here's DiRT, 1680x 4xAA|8xAF. I did all Ultra and then all High. Besides FPS differences I could really tell in game.

Ultra- shows 41-57 on tracks 1 and 3.

High- shows 55-78FPS on tracks 1 and 3.

All Ultra use to murder my 8800GTX @ 1680x with 4xAA.


The WiC bench 1680x-

Very high
min 26 avg 47 max 94

min 29 avg 61 max 137

min 52 avg 95 max 220

I tried the Crysis bench will all very high at 1680x and the last loop reported avg 27FPS. The first loop was avg 22FPS.

No chop and no stutter with the GTX 280 on any tests.
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